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Dataphd's USCT (Universal Smart Card Terminal) 4

(Please Note: This is NOT a SDLOGIC Product! Please see our news Page)


The Last Smart Card Terminal you will ever need to buy!!

USCT 4 (Sales are suspended)


The USCT 4 can be powered from the included serial cable w/ ps/2 power tap, or with an external power supply, or with our custom Dataphd USB-01, USB to Serial/Power adapter!

Need a External Power Supply, USB to Serial/Power Cable add to your cart in Online Ordering
Extremely Small, yet packed with features

Quick explanation of this unit:
Awesome!! Will do anything and everything for ALL smart cards.

Package comes complete with:
  • USCT (Universal Smart Card Terminal) 4
  • Case for the USCT 4
  • Serial Cable with ps/2 power tap included
  • USB to Serial/Power Cable and External Power Supply sold separately
  • Product Operational Notes
  • Software not provided!

Product Specifications:

Protocols: T=0, T=1
ISO Rating: ISO-7816 (Type 1~3)
Clock Frequencies: 1.228MHz / 3.579MHz / 3.686MHz / 4.608MHz / 9.216MHz / 18.432MHz
Interfaces: RS-232 DB-9 / Optional USB to Serial
Power Input: +6 to +24VDC @ 200mA (2.5mm/5.5mm - Center Positive) / USB or PS/2 power tap using our custom cables
Dimensions:  Board: 3.5" x 2.5" x 0.5" / Case:3.8" x 3" x 1"
Power/Data Indications: (6)  Multicolored SMT LED's
Supported O/S's: Any O/S That Supports The RS-232 Standard / PC/SC Driver awaiting certification

Features of the USCT 4:
  • Can be powered via USB, PS/2, or External Power
  • New Enhanced Chipset for maximum performance
  • Will Program/Repair 100% of all Smart Cards that are not physically damaged! (we haven't found a smart card (that did not have actual processor damage) that it would not work with yet)
  • True universal ISO-7816 type 1/2/3 Compatible
  • Fully Hardware based onboard universal smart card reader/writer
  • Incorporated Atmel AT90S2313 micro controller
  • Incorporated ICP Atmel programming interface
  • All components are hand selected and matched
  • Supports serial communication speeds up to 115,000 baud
  • Compatible with ALL smart cards
  • Simple Mode Switch for changing from reader/writer to repair mode
  • Easy On/Off Switch
  • 4 position switch for modifiable glitch timing
  • No drivers need for direct RS-232 communications
  • Compatible with ALL RS-232 smart card development software
  • The BEST all in-in-one smart card terminal available!
  • Atmel Pin 1 Enable/Disable jumper
  • High Quality 200k+ insertion rated Amphenol card slot
  • Enhanced high-speed buffer circuits that can be disabled via jumper
  • Individually calibrated for optimum performance
  • The new USCT 4 will truly revolutionize the definition of what smart card interface performance and reliability means.

This unit is the best hardware money can buy at any price, and clearly one of the best choices for all your smart card development needs.


Full Featured HARDWARE BASED Repair Terminal (Compatible With ALL Smart Cards) -
The USCT terminal will support full smart card repair capabilities. The USCT will even communicate with smart cards that have damaged or dead sectors! Everything is automatic!


Full Featured Independent HARDWARE BASED ISO-7816 Reader/Writer Terminal -
Right out of the box, you can slide the simple on board micro switch and use the USCT in smart card reader/writer mode as a fully universal hardware based development terminal with software such as Winexplorer achieving communication speeds of up to 115,000 baud. The USCT reader/writer is compatible with ALL direct RS-232 software and all smart cards that require 18.432, 9.216, 4.608, 3.6864, 3.57945, and 1.2288MHz oscillator clock speeds via the USCT's auto MCU frequency detection circuitry.


Exclusive FIDC and VMT Enhanced VCC System -
Frequency inversion & division control allowing more successful & reliable results in shorter time. This unit has also incorporated the exclusive VMT enhanced VCC variance control system which automatically adjusts the smart card voltage in reaction to various feedback characteristics.


In-Circuit Atmel® AT90S AVR programmer -
You can program the on board or additional AT90S series chips with the included on board AVR ICP interface. There is also a jumper to disable pin 1 of the AVR if needed. 


Unmatched Processing Power -
Incorporating high speed micro logic devices, the USCT is the most advanced yet most simplistic ALL-IN-ONE device available to date.


Military Grade Construction -
Ultra low noise (4) layer FR-4 rugged circuit board material with separate signals layers for unequaled performance and reliability while maintaining an unprecedented micro size of only 3.5" x 2.5" x 0.5".


Full Lifetime Warranty and Support -
With the best product warranty and support in the industry, I will always be there to handle any situation.

 WINDOWS® 98/ME/NT/2000/XP PC/SC Driver :

Please use this generic PC/SC driver until our windows certified driver is available.

Product Notes:
Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.
This device may only be operated by the original smart card data copyright owner and/or other authorized entities.
Dataphd reserves the right to verify the purchaser's qualifications to purchase this proprietary hardware.
The USCT is shipped with (1) BLANK AT90S2313 micro-controller. It is the user's responsibility to develop and/or obtain the needed Atmel AT90S2313 code for their specific application. 
No software is included with this product.

For development and use with the following operating systems:

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