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Update:7/2/03: As of today we will not be accepting any more orders for USCT 4's. We have a small backlog of orders that need to be filled, and we will continue to process orders until we have caught up with everyone that has ordered. When we have more units ready to be shipped out we will resume sales of the USCT 4. If you have an existing order then please be patient as we are working as fast as we can.

Update 6/21/03: Customers waiting for USCT 4 shipping. We had a problem with the hard drive in one of our main systems, and unfortunately we lost all the order information and all customer information that was on the hard drive. We have some orders that were printed out from may 1st on for processing that we will be shipping in the next few days. If you have ordered and have not gotten your order please email sales@dataphd.net with a copy of your order invoice and we will get your order processed. We will now start a backup system to prevent loosing future orders... Sorry for the delay.

USCT Cases! Get em right now!

USB-01 USB to Serial Cable w/ Power NOW Avail!

USB-02 USB to Serial Cable w/o Power NOW Avail!

To check the status of your order, enter the Order Number found on your receipt and click on the Continue button. This system only works for orders placed after this system was installed.

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ICC-Smart Cards are now being incorporated into a wide variety of data security applications all over the world including Internet access, electronic commerce, personal identification, healthcare, loyalty programs, driving records and BioMetrics just to name a few.

Our Mission

As our world continues to adopt this new and exciting technology, Dataphd, Inc. is there leading the way in ISO-7816 interface terminal development and support. Dataphd, Inc. carry's the finest line of micro smart card terminals ever produced for the serious smart card applications developer who demands the very best in hardware quality, compatibility, and reliability. Dataphd, Inc. will always be your best source for state-of-the-art advancements within the ISO-7816 interface industry as we, along with our partners, blaze a trail of new ideas and design concepts never before thought possible.

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Please feel free to browse our web site and let us know if you have any questions or comments in regards to the line of smart card development tools we proudly carry. 

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