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Dataphd, Inc. releases its new USCT 4!

The NEW USCT 4! More Features! Better Performance! Better Price!

3/25/2003 --

Dataphd would like to announce that it has developed a completely new USCT 4! This new design was engineered and built at our new overseas manufacturing company. We have found a company that will work with us effectively to produce and expand our products! Our new designs will include the latest technology and features available. We will be offering more products, with innovative designs, and best of all at a much reduced price!

The New USCT 4 is our first product to start from the ground up and do a completely new design that offers the latest chipsets, options, and lower pricing!

(Please note: The USCT 4 is NOT a SDLOGIC product! We are no longer selling the SD7816U (Ultra) from SDLOGIC and the USCT 4 should not be confused with the USCT Rev. 3 that was made by SDLOGIC with the designation of SD7816U (Ultra), The USCT 4 has many new features and a new design was needed to bring those features to you, and instead of making a band aid fix to the old USCT, that in our opinion had older technology, we came up with a completely new design, not a revision.)

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Dataphd, Inc.
1000 N. Green Valley Pkwy Suite 440-161 Henderson, NV 89074
Internet: sales@dataphd.net


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