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With the world of smart cards making its way into almost every facet of every security based industry in the world today, a universal development tool in addition to a standard reader/writer is needed to research and test various types of smart card silicon so that the proper applications and their software interfaces may be produced for such industries.

This requires an ISO-7816 development tool that has to be universal in nature, reliable, and compact. The SD-EMU will meet and exceed all these requirements allowing for full developer interaction with any ISO-7816 compliant application via emulation, logging, and passive interfacing. Never before has any ISO-7816 emulation and monitoring device been capable of so much in such a compact and clean package. With so many incorporated features targeted to meet any smart card development task, the SD-EMU will truly be the last smart card silicon emulation and monitoring device you will ever need to buy.

Download the SD-EMU Application Notes in Adobe Acrobat® form

Product Features:

  •  Full RS-232 Season Interface
  •  Emulate ANY ISO-7816 smart card silicon via a standard computer
     system and the proper software
  •  Full RS-232 Passive Interface (via the on board smart card acceptor slot)
  •  Amphenol smart card socket on board
  •  Full data logging
  •  Full passive monitoring of the physical smart card and host system
  •  Compliant with ISO-7816/1/2/3
  •  Direct RS-232 interface with simple command structure
  •  Dual connector interface option - DB-9, RJ-45, or both
  •  3 onboard status LED's (power, reset, data)
  •  Smart card interface short circuit protected
  •  Built to withstand aggressive use and abuse
Board Material Specifications:

  •  Laminate is 0.031" FR-4 epoxy glass with 1/2 ounce copper.
  •  We plate an additional 3/4 ounce of copper.
  •  The top and bottom solder mask layers are GREEN or BLACK LPI.
  •  The board finish is the industry standard of SMOBC.
  •  The dielectric constant of our FR-4 laminate ranges from 4.2 to 5.0.
  •  The flammability classification of our boards is 94V-0.
Additional Features:

  •  No hardware device drivers needed
  •  Supports all speeds of serial communication
  •  Compatible with almost all smart card development software
  •  ALL SMT components are protected and hidden within the Amphenol card
  •  Amphenol card slot rated at 100K+ insertions
  •  Incorporates the new SDLOGIC INTERSIL RS232 Chip
  •  New anti-static/chemical coating treatment to the Amphenol card slot
Product Specifications:

  •  Protocols: T=0, T=1
  •  ISO Rating: ISO-7816 (Parts 1~4)
  •  Clock Frequency: Clock frequency is generated on the host system
  •  Interfaces: RS-232 DB-9 or optional RJ-45
  •  Power Input: +5VDC @ 40mA from the host system
  •  Dimensions: 5.5" x 2.25" x 0.5"
  •  Power/Data Flow Indications: (3) Multi-coloredLED's
  •  O/S Supported: Any O/S That Supports TheRS-232 standard


Product Notes:

Specifications are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Certified for development and use with the following operating systems:


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