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      ADT60 BioSIMKey Development Kit

Available Soon

The BioSIMKey is an extremely compact device integrating a fingerprint scanner and a smart card reader. It is the latest innovation in biometrics and smart card technology through the joint development of STMicroelectronics (ST) and Advanced Card Systems Ltd (ACS).

Combining the functions of ACSí versatile ACR30 reader and STís patented TouchChip technology, the BioSIMKey is a compact USB device that can scan fingerprints and accepts plug-in smart cards. By using fingerprints to replace passwords or PINs, this device harnesses the power of biometrics and smart cards to provide a highly secure, yet convenient and affordable authentication process.

It is an ideal solution for a wide range of security-dependent applications.


  • Smallest integrated fingerprint scanner/smart card reader in the market today
  • High-speed USB interface
  • Requiring no additional power supply
  • Portable and easily transferable from one PC to another

Fingerprint Scanner:

  • High-resolution 508 DPI imaging
  • Utilizes STís patented TouchChip technology, resulting in high quality fingerprint images in any environment

Smart Card Reader:

  • ISO 7816-3 and PC/SC compliant
  • Supports all micro-controller cards, with T=0 or T=1 protocols

Security Features Possible:

  • Encrypted finger print template stored inside smart card
  • Session key generation among smart card, BioSIMKey Processor and host computer
  • Unique bonding between the smart card and BioSIMkey

Typical Applications:

  • Remote Electronic Voting
  • Secured E-commerce
  • Secure Home-banking
  • Computer System Logon

Technical Specifications:
Physical Dimensions 71.5x32x16.5 mm
Supply Voltage Regulated 5V DC
Supply Current < 100mA (without smart card)
Operating Temperature 0 - 50 OC
Standards / Certifications ISO 7816-3, CE, FCC, PC/SC
Operating System Support Windows 98, Me and 2000
System Requirements:

  • IBM-Compatible Personal Computer with Intel 486 Processor or higher
  • Microsoft Windows 98/2000/Me
  • Minimum 16MB RAM
  • Available USB port



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