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New Order Status Screen

Check on the status of your order online 24 hrs a day!

04/08/03 -- We have implemented a order status screen. With the new order status screen you can check the status of your order 24 hrs a day. It will show you the following information:

  • Ordered: You order has been placed and is in the system
  • Awaiting Payment: Your order has been placed, and we are awaiting your payment
  • Processing: You order is currently being process for shipping
  • Shipped: Your order has shipped and you should have received your tracking number, if you didn't then the tracking number will be on the status screen.
  • Cancelled: Your order has been cancelled.
  • Exception: During processing, or shipping a problem was found and you will be receiving an email regarding the problem shortly.

As you can see there is a lot more information that will be available to you the customer to find out the status of your order without having to send an email to us and wait for an answer.

There is also a comments box that we can include any comments regarding your order that we may need to pass on to you.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your order please use our new online order status system. This has been implemented to reduce the # of emails asking has my order been shipped yet?

The status of all orders will be removed 30 days after the order has been processed! This is to protect our customers privacy.

Please report any problems or concerns to our webmaster at webmaster@dataphd.net

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